In the past two decades physics’ view of nature’s lack of structure—its unpredictability— underwent a major renovation with the discovery of deterministic chaos. Behind the veil of apparent randomness many of nature’s processes are highly ordered, following simple rules. Fractal properties are found in many natural phenomena: ocean waves, snowflakes, crystals, algae, and river networks among others. These qualities of ordered chaos interest artist Sheryl Daane-Chesnut. She employs an organic and experimental process using polymers and metals with oil and acrylic paint. She pours and layers, utilizing an array of natural elements: salts, minerals and powdered earth pigments; each activating the surface of the canvas differently. Strokes and scratches appear to be exposed from underneath layers of ice and stone, metals float across, transparent layers entrap movement underneath, and the minerals dry and crystallize to create an ice like surface. With a myopic view of the planet and its landmasses and details, Daane-Chesnut strives to capture the essence of our natural environment.

Sheryl Daane Chesnut was born in the Seattle area but moved at an early age to Marblehead, MA. While still in her formative years she relocated to the Bay Area and California has been her home since then. She worked for a number of years as a graphic and product designer earning national and international awards. Although she now works full time in fine art, her years in design are evident in the color, composition and balance of her paintings. 

University of California, Berkeley Studio Art
University of California, Santa Barbara, B.F.A. Studio Art

George Billis Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Jules Place, Boston, MA
Sorelle Gallery, New Canaan, CT
EDNA Contemporary, San Luis Obispo, CA


2019 SOKA University, Chaos Theory, Laguna Niguel, CA (upcoming)
2018 Ian Saudé, San Luis Obispo, CA
2017 SB Fine Arts Trunk Show, San Francisco, CA
2017 San Luis Obispo Art Museum, Brushstrokes
2017 Assets Studio, Solo Show
2017 Haven Gallery, Solo Show
2016 SB Fine Arts Trunk Show, San Francisco, CA
2016 Walsingham Gallery, Blue Minded
2016 Sorelle Gallery, Sunnyside with Sheryl Daane Chesnut
2016 San Luis Obispo Art Museum, Brushstrokes
2016 Human Kind, Elements
2015 Haven Gallery, Solo Show
2015 SB Fine Arts Trunk Show, San Francisco, CA
2015 San Luis Obispo Art Museum, Brushstrokes, 3rd place
2015 Jules Place, Date Night
2015 All About Eve, Johnson Gallery
2014 SB Fine Arts Trunk Show, Mill Valley, CA
2014 Elizabeth Gordon Gallery
2014 Walsingham Gallery, Love at First Sight
2014 Boston Design Home
2013 SB Fine Arts Trunk Show, Mill Valley, CA
2013 Women of Walsingham, Walsingham Gallery
2012 Dwell Design Home
2012 SB Fine Arts Trunk Show, Mill Valley, CA
2012 Women of Substance and Beauty, Gallery 903
2012 Cabana Home, Mill Valley
2011 Linne Coloda Winery, Solo Show
2017 San Luis Art Museum Brushstrokes, 2nd Place
2011 Scape Gallery, Corona del Mar, CA
2011 Williams-Sonoma Home
2011 San Luis Art Museum, Brushstrokes
2010 4 off the wall, Native Gallery

Marriott Longwharf, Boston
Enercon Consulting, San Luis Obispo, CA
Kennebunk Savings, Hampton, NH
Ocean Grille, Avila Beach